We provide complete optimization service for your website to reach your business on the top. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research, Strategy and Activity Report. We also offer different packages for our clients, and they can choose their desired package.


The core of SEO is on-page optimization. The techniques may vary from an old reputable website to fresh new starters. First, we figure out what should be the perfect technique for every client we get, and then we serve. We ensure that your website comes on the higher rank. We take care of every single detail like from website coding to image optimization, everything. We can handle any technical issues and can improve your organic search visibility.


This term means all the measures that are taken outside your website to tell the search engines that your website is important to others. So that they show it in a higher rank. At those points when your website and some other website has the same on-page optimizations, this plays the role of a tie-breaker that with one will be ranked on top. We make sure that your site appears on top by adding all the necessary backlinks. 


This is a very effective tactic to do the publicity of your website and social media accounts, which is very necessary for the small and medium-sized businesses. If your website is not getting proper public attention, we will run audits to find the gap of your website compare with the competitors and will take action to make your online presence stronger. We will also advise you to have the required strategies, content development, and online campaigns to make your website popularity go higher and higher. 


We start with selecting the right keywords. We analyze data properly. For that, we have several meetings with our clients. After collecting all the required data, we find out the perfect keywords. Then our creative team gets on the field. They create exclusive and high-quality content for your site. Engaging content is really important to get more audience. The last thing is the link placement. This is actually a never-ending work. This process must keep going to make your business run. This cycle must keep going in order to compete with any business competitor in the market. For that, we will allow you to keep a record of all your backlinks and stay updated. 

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What Clients Say

The skill of SEO of Orions Service is more than amazing. They were able to take my completely new website on rank number 1, within 2.5 months. From then I never had to look back. Thanks, Orion!!
Orion Service Client-1
Affiliate Marketer
I came to Orions in a totally devasted situation with a completely new site. I was losing all my will power, but then Orion did the magic, they took my site to rank 2, within no time. My business started flowing, and now I have three different business running now. All of them are optimized by Orions.
Orion Service Client-2
Adam Sendler
Good Digital marketing agency in dhaka. they ask low prices. Their prices is more lower than their quality of works. I recommend it to buy any service from here.
Orion Service Client-2
MD. Asaduzzaman
E-Commerce Specialist